Starting From Scratch

I recently received a call from someone interested in starting a new association related to the industry in which he works. Although there are a couple of associations related to his field, they do not offer great member benefits so he would like to fill the void and offer substantial...
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Defining Roles for Board members

As an association executive, my full-time job is to manage associations so that the minds of the Board members are put at ease knowing the day-to-day administration of the association is constantly moving forward.  After all, Association Management Companies know that Board members have full-time jobs and that their roles...
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Socializing at Events

Have you ever attended an association or business meeting where you didn’t know anyone? Have you ever walked away from a trade show wondering why you bothered to attend in the first place? Were you ever uneasy being in a room with hundreds of people you didn’t know? Wouldn’t it...
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