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Renae Davies has managed numerous trade associations in various industries for more than 14 years. Over her career, Renae has served as the Senior Account Manager of nine trade associations, covering six different states. As the President of Greydan Communications, she is involved in all aspects of management, from event planning to day-to-day operations. She has experience in providing complete oversight of association activities and financial planning and lends editorial, website design and graphics design experience to Greydan Communication's offerings.

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Growing Your Membership

“If you’re not growing, you’re dying” – Unknown   I’ve seen the above quote contributed to James Ray, Lou Holtz and even Rocky Balboa. And while I typically would not espouse the words of ‘The Italian Stallion’, in the world of professional associations, words have never rung truer. When it...
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Welcome to my first post.  This blog is intended to give you insight into who Greydan Communications is and to also provide some tips on how to better your association.  To help you better understand us, and how we can help your association succeed, you will need to read our...
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