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Renae Davies has managed numerous trade associations in various industries for more than 14 years. Over her career, Renae has served as the Senior Account Manager of nine trade associations, covering six different states. As the President of Greydan Communications, she is involved in all aspects of management, from event planning to day-to-day operations. She has experience in providing complete oversight of association activities and financial planning and lends editorial, website design and graphics design experience to Greydan Communication's offerings.

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Must-Have Event Planning Tool

As an association management executive it is part of my job to plan events for my clients. Whether it is a small event for an Executive Board of five, or a large event for hundreds, my clients depend on me to make their events successful. In order to fulfill the...
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Trade Shows – Now and Then

If you are like many other associations, you may have noticed attendance and exhibitor participation in your trade shows decreasing over the past few years. One reason for this current trend is simply that people seem to be busier now than in years past with their professional and personal lives....
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Member Retention

Every association goes through periods of fluctuation with their membership depending on the year and what else is going on in the world.  During this current recessionary climate, I have seen associations from very different industries lose significant amounts of members.  The one thing that I always try to do...
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Event Planning | Securing A Venue

When you work with a variety of associations, you will work with a variety of venues as well.  Because each association has different needs and types of events, each will have different requirements.  As a result of working with many different associations over the years I have become quite familiar...
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