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Website Design

Has your association’s website changed in the past several years? Does it still look the same as it did 10 years ago? If so, then it is time to freshen it up a bit.

As with many associations, the majority of your membership has remained constant over the past decade. Although you may have added new members each year, the bulk of your membership remains the same. Therefore, the same people who were taking advantage of your member benefits over a decade ago are the same people who continue to look at your website year after year.

As with anything in life, change can be scary and unfamiliar territory but it can also be exciting and refreshing. In order to appease those long-standing members who have grown accustomed to your website, a complete re-design of your website may not be warranted. Instead, you will want to keep the basic information the same but add in new graphics and a new overall look to bring it up-to-date while also ensuring existing members can find the information they are seeking.

By choosing to update your website, you begin the process of carefully analyzing existing content and reviewing how both new and existing members might choose to access that content. This process is a great opportunity to add content that is specifically designed to target new members to join your association. Not only is this evaluation effective in targeting new members, but it is naturally successful in targeting the elusive young professional that all associations must strive to gain to ensure their longevity. Younger generations are increasingly adept at using technology in both their professional and personal lives and well designed and efficient websites are a great way to attract those who are up-and-coming in your industry. And as we all know, there is always a struggle within associations to bring new, younger members into the fold.

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