As the president of an association or simply a member of one, you may be thinking that a change is needed for your association. Maybe you are not ready to completely reinvent the wheel by hiring a completely new staff of people or even switching from one association management company to another.  Instead, a small change might just do the trick.  This is when outsourcing may help in a big way.

Have you ever thought about just outsourcing one segment of your association? Maybe attendance at your annual convention has been decreasing over the past few years and a set of fresh eyes could make it appealing once again.  Maybe your current staff or association management company is mismanaging the financials of the association and you would like a second opinion.  Or maybe you need new ideas on how to increase your membership numbers.  This is when outsourcing could be helpful.

Nothing says that you have to keep each segment of your association under one roof.  Outsourcing one segment to an association management company may be beneficial to you and the association.  It might be a way to save money and increase revenue all at the same time.

I recently received a call from a stand-alone association that was interested in outsourcing all of their events so that it would free the staff up to focus on other aspects of the association.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, outsourcing may be exactly what you and your association need.

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