Benefits of Small Association Management Companies

Is Bigger Better? Depending on the size of your organization, you might find a smaller association management company may fit your needs better than one with a staff of thirty.  Outsourcing your management needs to a company with a smaller staff allows that association to have a single point-of-contact for which they can call on to answer any and all questions.  By having only one or two people managing your association in it’s entirety, those individuals will know all of the ins-and-outs of your organization from membership needs to financial history to event planning requirements.

In addition, having one to two people managing an association allows those individuals to take total ownership of the association and to be responsible for its successes. This will allow the manager to more easily find ways to improve upon certain aspects of that association which may not have worked best in the past.  This arrangement also provides for a variety of work and allows the staff person to be creative in many different ways.  Whether it is designing the marketing pieces for events or creating the budget for the upcoming year, having a single point person for all activities leads to less monotony and a more energized manager.

Lastly, perhaps the most beneficial aspect of a small AMC is the potential lack of overhead for that company. Less overhead means less organizational costs which translates into less expensive management costs for your association while at the same time offering equal attention.

Every management company is different, so it is important to understand where your management fees originate from.  Before hiring an association management company, make sure you ask about a company’s size and how many staff members will be handling your day to day activities. But remember, this is a case where more does not always mean better. After all, it is important that all association members know who is managing their association and that each has the ability to contact that individual for personalized service and assistance whenever necessary.

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