Why you should choose an Association Management Company

If you are currently serving on the Board for an association, or are simply a member, you are most likely aware of what all goes into managing an organization. Whether it’s taking minutes at board meetings, planning events, tracking income and expenses or designing marketing materials, hours and hours of your time, effort and patience are required. With finite hours available per day, you are often required to sacrifice your business, your clients or your family to get the job done. Increasingly, this is becoming less of an option for today’s professionals as they strive to make it all possible.

Therefore, as an alternative solution to these sacrifices, associations have two options when it comes to management services; either employ a full-time staff person(s) or contract an Association Management Company (AMC).

The pros to hiring an Association Management Company over a full-time staff person(s) are as follows:

  • No office lease expense
  • No office equipment expense
  • No employee(s) liability
  • No employee(s) payroll taxes
  • No health insurance for employee(s)
  • No additional benefits for employee(s)
  • Larger Administrative Staff
  • Experience working with a variety of associations
  • Shared resources
  • For additional information about AMCs, I suggest reading the following articles from ASAE, The Center for Association Leadership:

    FAQ’s About Association Management Companies Written By: Steven T. King, CAE, is executive vice president of Clemons and Associates, Inc., Baltimore

    Hiring an Association Management Company

    At Greydan Communications, we strive to eliminate the hassles for not only Board members, but for all general association members. We understand the challenges facing today’s professional and truly believe that with our assistance, your focus can remain where it should be…..on your profession.

    To discuss what Greydan Communications can do for you and your organization, please fill out our contact form or call 888-525-8810.

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