Socializing at Events

meeting peopleHave you ever attended an association or business meeting where you didn’t know anyone? Have you ever walked away from a trade show wondering why you bothered to attend in the first place? Were you ever uneasy being in a room with hundreds of people you didn’t know? Wouldn’t it have been beneficial if you could have researched the people in the room so you knew who to approach and who not to? Not surprisingly, they now have an app for your phone that does just that! The app is called Unsocial.  It allows you to search for other business professionals based on their proximity to yourself.  Therefore, if you are in a room with hundreds, even thousands, of other industry professionals or association members, you can find out who else is in the room that you may want to meet.  It could also help you connect with a potential employer if you are in the process of looking for a new job. Imagine managing an association of 500 members and conducting a trade show utilizing this service during registration of the event. By offering each of your members the ability to make beneficial contact with industry resources in a timely, efficient manner, you would greatly increase the benefit and ROI of the trade show for those members. It would allow your members and guests to target specific vendors, speakers and attendees that offer the most relevance to their business niche. By increasing the relevance of the event for each attendee and vendor, you would be increasing your profile and most likely revenue by making your trade show more attractive to potential vendors. Although this app is only currently available in large cities throughout the United States, they plan to continually add cities on a regular basis.  

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